Silencing the cries and spending the daylight hours in an ill-lit place, Her heart was turning subfusc with every passing day. Realising that raining tears couldn't help and telling people made it worse. Even though she was surrounded with innumerable people around, Yet she was getting drenched in the murky darkness that engulfed her heart.... Continue Reading →



Her heart was lush green, Seeming to be alright. But snakes came in with that greenery and depth, And that made it fierce. It made the difference. She had her lips carved into a pretty smile, Just like flowers, Attracted bees. Her soul was though dark and gloomy, And that made all the difference. Her... Continue Reading →

Last Drive

I've come over a long way, Leaving goddamn everything, Don't hesitate anymore, Let's step into a new life, Together. You wanted it right? It's happening just the way you wanted it to be. I'm the one you wanted me to be. Let's brush off the work aside. Learn to prioritize, babe. It'd rather help you.... Continue Reading →


She caressed me to sleep. With her melody heart, Her eyes too were a labyrinth. A maze with no visible end. Getting lost with her, didn't quite require an effort. Our relationship was not merely any ordinary friendship. We both felt attracted to each other. Or maybe that's at least what I assume. It was... Continue Reading →


Life isn't pretty easy to live, To struggle is life, they say. I've never actually wanted anything, But just a little bit of freedom. Not the colours I'd love to wear, Neither the way, I'd love to dress up or put my hair. Nor the place I'd love to live in. But just, freedom to... Continue Reading →

YouTube update (1)

Hi guys. After working on this video from 5 to 6 hours, it is finally ready. Hope you like it. If you do don't forget to like it and subscribe to my channel if you are new. You can also tell me any of the topics since I am totally out of topics right now.... Continue Reading →

I’m back.😜

So finally, My exams are over. I expect myself to be pretty regular with posts and that too poems. It has been long since I published any poem with sprinkled depression.πŸ˜‚ I would try and read the posts of the blogs I follow too. Hahaa. Though now I am thinking of paying slightly more attention... Continue Reading →

Hello lovelies!

Hello, I'm so thankful and glad that you people have supported me till here. I feel privileged. My blog turned 2 years old this 28th February. I didn't even remember it so all thanks to WordPress notifications.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also, I won't be posting for the next month or maybe next few months.(Let's see if I'm able... Continue Reading →

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