Dairy #6 (My first MUN and I won)

I want to pursue my higher studies in law. Every member of my family, be it my father or my elder cousins or uncles or aunts, everyone holds an engineering degree except my lovely mom who is a lecturer. I adore her.😊😊 We have MUNs here. Inter and Intra MUNs much similar to moot courts.... Continue Reading →



You know it's getting even harder to live here. I don't have a reason to bear this harsh reality. These days, the Sun seems to run and hide away behind the clouds in the afternoon only. No one can even lend an ear to my sorrowful, hopeless life. Why will they, anyways? They say it... Continue Reading →

Exam is overrrrrr……..

Finallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy........... Heloooooooooooooo....... You know tenth standard in India is a pretty hectic and the most crucial year of one's carrier. We had one exam today which the most important one for tenthies. I mean everyone starts preparing for it two to three years prior. Now it is over. I am feeling so very free. Now... Continue Reading →

A long break.😜

Hello, I am here to tell you all wonderful bloggers that I am taking a break from blogging since I don't get much time posting the blogs. While I am writing this I feel so very attached to blogging. I will remember each and everyone of you even after I quit blogging if only I... Continue Reading →


A relaxed ambience of the mocktail longue, A soul with mixed emotions, A ring just beside the champagne bottle. Shining and glistening, Just as much as the ring did in the glass holder. Here it all started. Sitting and waiting for a dance partner, You landed on the chair just in front of mine. Silence... Continue Reading →

Dairy #5 (10 years ago)

Today, since it was raining badly, so we had holiday from our school. Moreover here its red alert to flood too.😂 Today as I was looking into an album and going though those memories of me as a 5 or 6 year old, I really felt that all most all the members in the pics... Continue Reading →


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