Make love

Love is like wine, It makes you feel lost. It casts a spell on you. Until the next morning, That you come out of the bed. Just like the hard drink does, Like the wine.


He took away, The vibrance of my life. The colour of my world, The stars from the night sky, And dried up the life from my body. Leaving me, Dull, Sombre.

Lonely rider #4 (accident)

Its already been a week that this incident happened although the injuries are still healing. So I took out the vehicle to go to my evening class. Just two three lanes away from my home, I met with an accident. A boy with bike hit my activa and I fell down, trying to figure out... Continue Reading →

I miss you

I don't show But I do miss you badly. Posting this piece on my blog after some days of it being in my memo. I know you sometimes read my blog (I guess only when I ask (force) you to😂). Earlier when I wanted to tell you something, I used to rush to your room.... Continue Reading →


Behind the dead walls of my mind, Amidst eerie silence, surrounding, Amidst gloom, With a meek voice, My body is pleading, Peace.


It was 3:00 in the morning. I was just scrolling through feeds like any normal day. With my eyes, half shut, I kept on scrolling and listing to the songs. Suddenly I came across a post. It said that you're no more. I couldn't believe. I went back to sleep thinking I was still not... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I have a friend who's the kind of 'me' person. You know I love anyone who loves comedy and my this friend is a comedian. We had been studying in the same school and in same class for 12 long years. We also shared the same coaching class. She is my only friend... Continue Reading →


With my head dropped towards my feet, I'm lumbering past the trees. With this dizzy head, I can barely notice the rush of waves Even though I try to, I can't run away from my problematic life. These issues extirpate me. Even beside this sea, I can't let go of the troubles. With every passing... Continue Reading →

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