The sun goes down, And the moon rises high above even on the darkest night. Less privileged, stars too rise from oceans of dark waters. When will I rise? I'm like the sand in the ocean that holds debris and rests at the ocean bed, though not wanting to. Debris of her own fears perhaps?... Continue Reading →

Lonely rider #1

I don't get much time to sit and write poetries but yeah while I'm switching between evening classes, I notice many things and people. So while I'm returning home, it starts getting dark these days since summers have begun to end. It's not dark completely  but like ribbons of crimson melting down the horizon. Today... Continue Reading →


It's almost after a month and a week that I am posting something here. This was the first platform that I ever started writing on. When I see my first post I see there area lot of grammatical mistakes and the text was so simply written. With time I could see an improvement in my... Continue Reading →

Diary #8 (Rains)

I haven't been enjoying word-press lately plus neither do I get enough time to write a poem or a short piece. I honestly have nothing written in my drafts. Haha But today something interesting happened. I have recently learned driving an activa( a two wheeler almost every Indian knows to drive*laughs*). It has been like... Continue Reading →


These are some pics clicked by me.   I love the last pic. I always wanted to capture birds and this one is perfect.


The sun rose from the waters of malice, These waters drown the whole universe. By the beach, I laid. Even though the sun rose from the ocean of hatred, It was as bright as the hallowed head of the god. While rising above these waters and coming out of the worldly bad, I could see... Continue Reading →

I’m back

Hey guys, After almost 5 weeks or so, I'm back on my blog although I'm not pretty sure about it but yeah, I'll be posting some poems, will be taking up some photography challenges and ofcourse replying to the comments😂. For those who forgot me or are new, I'm Shreya, a girl from an ancient... Continue Reading →

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