New video update. Check it out.

Yippe, I'm getting pretty active on my channel as well. Actually just a few days back my exams were over so I had ampel time to make the videos. Next video is already out. I hope you all will visit my channel and give the video a big thumbs up. Thank you in advance. Haha.... Continue Reading →


Strange. Isn’t it?

I hope that your goodbye is a mere lie. As fake as your that smile, when we met each other. Don't you think that I miss our little talks? You were egomaniacal, perhaps? I'm not gonna be back on all the past stuff. I no more remember it, even. I'm not going to ask you... Continue Reading →

Indian Independence Day

I don't know why but I am not one of those people who don't bother about their country. I really want to make India brightest. Today while I was searching for a post related to Independence Day in my reader, I couldn't get any and I was really disappointed. Then just now one of the... Continue Reading →

Painting competition

So here I am again. As all of you might be knowing that Indian independence day is coming, so there was a painting competition held. The winner is to be awarded with 1000₹ cash prize+ trophy+ certificate. 2nd position- 750₹+ trophy+ certificate. 3rd position- 500₹+ trophy+ certificate The competition was on the spot. I mean... Continue Reading →


Today is meant to be celebrated. Not everyday in my life is worth living, but yeah some days are much more than this. I guess god didn't evenly distribute happiness in my life. Haha This post I was thinking to make private, but since its my only space where I pen down my feelings, so... Continue Reading →


Leave a mark, Tell me I'm not dreaming. My chest says it all. With these bruises imprinted, this body welcomes you. Come, Trespassers are anyway welcomed. Take the ownership, of this fragile heart. These hickeys seem to fade, And the bruises seem to be dominating over my skin. It wasn't a dream, perhaps. These bruises... Continue Reading →


What do you think of yourself? Are you happy of the demon you've turned me into? You say I've changed alot. But it's probably you who wanted me to change. Isn't it? Do you want me to be pretty nice with you, Or do you enjoy the way it's going? Well, I'm helpless. You'll have... Continue Reading →

Hark- bark

As the moon shone brightly above, in the starry sky, A Selene aura envelops me. When everything is at peace, And even the ants can be seen resting, Then why is my mind still wandering in the lanes of your heart. Why am I feeling uncomfortable even in this serene twilight. What I'm feeling guilty... Continue Reading →


Don't ask me, from where do I  belong. Just hug me tight if you can accommodate this lonely soul within yours. I don't have a destination. Don't ask me anything about my shabby appearance. Just let me in, if materialistic dirt doesn't bother you. Don't question my scars or my body, They are a mark... Continue Reading →

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