Diary #8 (Rains)

I haven't been enjoying word-press lately plus neither do I get enough time to write a poem or a short piece. I honestly have nothing written in my drafts. Haha But today something interesting happened. I have recently learned driving an activa( a two wheeler almost every Indian knows to drive*laughs*). It has been like... Continue Reading →


These are some pics clicked by me.   I love the last pic. I always wanted to capture birds and this one is perfect.


The sun rose from the waters of malice, These waters drown the whole universe. By the beach, I laid. Even though the sun rose from the ocean of hatred, It was as bright as the hallowed head of the god. While rising above these waters and coming out of the worldly bad, I could see... Continue Reading →

I’m back

Hey guys, After almost 5 weeks or so, I'm back on my blog although I'm not pretty sure about it but yeah, I'll be posting some poems, will be taking up some photography challenges and ofcourse replying to the comments😂. For those who forgot me or are new, I'm Shreya, a girl from an ancient... Continue Reading →


Hello Everybody, I hope you all are doing well. I know, I'm not able to read your wonderful blogs these days but I'm going incredibly busy with my studies although its a summer break going on. I'll be on a hiatus which might be as long as a month. I'll post a piece or two... Continue Reading →


Even amidst the rains, My heart is burning with the agony of betrayal. The surface of my heart is still dry, parched.

Limitless (LGBTQ)

I savoured your cigarette tinted kisses: The good old days. Our silhouette making dancing shadows on the wall: Old attached hearts. Your fragrance still tickling my nose: Our living relationship. We could have still been together: This world sucks. They parted us for their religion: Our relation wasn't natural, to them. We were humans and... Continue Reading →

Crestfallen (cleave poem)

Empty headed and crestfallen: I'm a forlorn figure. All I have to do is to weep: Smile is a foreign concept for me. Flabbergasted by the level of selfishness that engulfs everyone: I've by now taught myself, that my mind doesn't work smart. I feel myself a dumb, bumbling fool: I feel blindfolded by the... Continue Reading →

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