Become Selfish and Rise Up or Remain Crushed….

Become a little selfish,
Why do you listen to the world?
Even if something goes wrong,
Even if this heart is lost for some time,
These heartbeats go on without any worry,
It’s noise echoes everywhere.


Friends, the sun has set,
Gulp a couple of shots of intoxication,
Forget the way to home.

Friends, the sun has set
Gulp a couple of shots of intoxication
Forget all the grief of the world…

We should not have any information about anyone,
The momentary life is saying this to us.

Having a selfish desire,
We lived without breathing.
The time is rosy.
We never walked but we just flew in the sky,
May we have no information where we are heading.

Let all the paths be without destination,
Let there be distance from the world,
Let there be some distance from yourself….



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      1. You are welcome to my world anytime! Hope you’ll find something that catch your interest… I’m a French scientific journalist but my blog is mostly about sustainable fashion and eco-friendly products. Every now and then I also share with a touch of humour my thoughts about specific topics related to the world around me, as well as my own trials and learnings.

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