11 Post Meridiem…


When clock stuck 11,
earthquake occurred in my mind.
Suddenly, the empty cup of the evening bru gave me a fear;
The fear, that he might come into my dreams tonight.
Every night, I was used to such fear.
I was fed up.
I shouted such, no one could hear.
A drought came, into my eyes thinking.
I could not even cry out my fear.
Such a situation was I hemmed in.
My heart smiled such, I felt pain.
I felt everything was in the sea,
pearls,fishes and everything
leaving the lonely one on the shimmering sand except;
the moonlight falling upon.
It felt brighter than, of the sun in the dense darkness.
I was not alone, but with my ever accompanying friends:
darkness and loneliness.
I could not sleep just cause of fear of 11
that may remind me of…..
Because I was betrayed,
Betrayed so hard;
Hard to forget.


A self witness,



19 thoughts on “11 Post Meridiem…

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      1. It is somewhat linked to the poem concupiscence I posted few days back. It is all that I had a friendship lating from last 3 years but is now dead to the coffin and I am not able to bear it.


      2. Yups u r right. Your comment always motivates me and to say truly u r the one who takes away my pain somewhat. u can contact me through email whenever u want but I hesitate writing the on going life incidents in the comment box. Hope u donot mind. I really appriciate that u think about my feelings being disturbed and pay me the whole heart as much as u can to take away the pain.
        I’ll be contacting u so do check ur email once.


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