Why have you left? Were u not  reminded once, of the moments we spent together? Was I rapid through your love ? Did I went on too fast? But it was not I, who started. You came to me, You wanted to befriend me. Not I, who asked you for your friendship. But still, I... Continue Reading →

When heart speaks…..

The one which my life is searching, Is this that destination? Have I achieved his smile, his body 'n his soul? Why does my heart says to, Just stop here? I have got new emotions, I don’t know what effect is this, I got a ray of hope again, Is it because he is someone... Continue Reading →

Haiku #7

Love is nothing but past or early stage- of utmost betrayal   tThis haiku follows3-5-3 scheme unlike my other haikus which follow5-7-5 scheme.


Why am I not feeling mature enough, to hold back to my problems? Why do I keep on crying? Why do I have to undergo those insomniac nights? Am I still that little, to be lullabied? Please tell me if a lullaby will help me sleep deep. Keeping aside all my problems. Yes! I guess... Continue Reading →


This journey of thirst will get over, That, which seemed incomplete, will be completed, the sky has bowed, and the two worlds have met.. there are palanquins ready, there are fragrances everywhere. Aah! Sweven!

Title: Untitled….

Was it that he left, or she never had him. Silence was her loudest cry, after he left. She was like a broken instrument, Which hated, its own voice. Everything seemed irksome. Not able to believe, the ongoing incidents in her life, She started asking people for advice, considering them sagacious enough to understand her. But... Continue Reading →

Shall I still love him?

Random is back in my dreams. Now though as a nightmare, unlike the love bud ,which once used to exist Its one hour past midnight now. The usual time for me to sleep is about 1:30 am and I am always alone up till this late in my home. But last night, something unusual happened.... Continue Reading →

Just once…around that street!!

As a child of four, I used to race up to the blue bench in the street corner and look at those deliciously cooked jalebies(typical Indian street food). I would instead stare at them. Pitying on my innocent face, that slim-beard-old uncle, would hand over me two of them. I would just run off to my... Continue Reading →

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