I was nominated by two wonderful bloggers. For Growing self blogger award by- Novus Lectio  and for mystery blogger award by Vivien Ayinotu  .Thank you  so much to both of you for nominating me. Growing self blogger award:- The Growing Self Blogger Award has been created to acknowledge and celebrate amazing individuals, in the blogging community,... Continue Reading →


Sunshine bloggger award #6 #7…

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Why have you left? Were u not  reminded once, of the moments we spent together? Was I rapid through your love ? Did I went on too fast? But it was not I, who started. You came to me, You wanted to befriend me. Not I, who asked you for your friendship. But still, I... Continue Reading →

When heart speaks…..

The one which my life is searching, Is this that destination? Have I achieved his smile, his body 'n his soul? Why does my heart says to, Just stop here? I have got new emotions, I don’t know what effect is this, I got a ray of hope again, Is it because he is someone... Continue Reading →

When You’re Gay

Poetry By Jeremy

When you’re gay
dating is just the same
as if you were straight.

instead of holding hands,
you walk behind him
to avoid being harassed.

instead of gazing deeply into his eyes,
you make sure no stranger is staring
before you go in for a kiss.

instead of enjoying the bliss
in a loving embrace,
you protect yourselves
from the man with bulging eyes
who repeatedly shouts
at the top of his lungs:
“The bible clearly states,
one MAN and one WOMAN!

Then, you spend the rest
of your evening
calming down your date
who no longer feels safe
being held in your arms.


This poem was first published on Steemit.

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Haiku #7

Love is nothing but past or early stage- of utmost betrayal   tThis haiku follows3-5-3 scheme unlike my other haikus which follow5-7-5 scheme.


Why am I not feeling mature enough, to hold back to my problems? Why do I keep on crying? Why do I have to undergo those insomniac nights? Am I still that little, to be lullabied? Please tell me if a lullaby will help me sleep deep. Keeping aside all my problems. Yes! I guess... Continue Reading →


This journey of thirst will get over, That, which seemed incomplete, will be completed, the sky has bowed, and the two worlds have met.. there are palanquins ready, there are fragrances everywhere. Aah! Sweven!

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