Just once…around that street!!

As a child of four, I used to race up to the blue bench in the street corner and look at those deliciously cooked jalebies(typical Indian street food). I would instead stare at them. Pitying on my innocent face, that slim-beard-old uncle, would hand over me two of them. I would just run off to my mum and giggle continuously by showing her the jalebies. I remember when I would just finish off eating them and my mom told me to wash my hands I would instead rub my hands on my hair.

But now, it’s no more. No more that blue bench and no more those lovely memories. I have to look up at the trash put, in that corner now which was once, not less than a fairytale castle to me.


Everything has changed but not the memories instilled and engraved in my heart for ever. I have no photograph of that street I still cherish. I made the memories which I never want to neither edit nor renovate.

I would just struggle to walk then, even though I knew how to because of my mum and dad who used to hold my hands in such a way that I used to swing in the air rather than tapping the ground. This could accompany scoldings also if I did any thing too mischievous to be forgiven as a sin.

Is there any camera that can capture my the feelings?


Really, but I wanted because I do not want to lose, these little bits of memories.

Today after ten years, at the age of 14, I sit at the extended window sill gazing, at these clouds which can flow where ever they want. I really once want to roam throuch those streets occupied mostly with those stalls.






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    1. Great post though, nostalgic 😊 I used to love hot kachoris and aloo ki sabzi from a small corner shop where we first lived, then we moved to our own home. After few years when I went to the same place, there was a supermarket and that shop had closed many years ago.

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      1. Don’t tempt me. We don’t get them here 😒 The only way I can have jalebi’s is by making them. Tried once, it was a disaster 😂 Guess will wait for mother, she will teach me to make some and I can write a post on them.. haha

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