Title: Untitled….

Was it that he left, or
she never had him.
Silence was her loudest cry,
after he left.
She was like a broken instrument,
Which hated, its own voice.
Everything seemed irksome.

Not able to believe, the ongoing incidents in her life,
She started asking people for advice, considering themΒ sagacious enough to understand her.
But they in turn termed her mad at mind;
and compared her to a chick sidetrack.

The one, who made everyone wait for her; to accompany gorgeous looks
Now knew to how to wait,
sitting recklessly on the footpath,
with a cigarette blowingΒ in one hand and alcohol in the other.

The one who once believed in true love,
Now understood, what torment and dolour meant.
And now knew how to cry within; without letting anyone know.

The eyes that felt hard to carry a little eyeliner,
Nor knew to shed those tears.
The lips, which once bore cherry red outline, beautifying her overall appearance,
now knew the tang of alcohol.

Alas! that tongue, which used to stammer even, while replying to a cute ‘Hi’;
Now knew how to abuse.
For she was vilified at heart,
Drenched up in tears.



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