Why am I not feeling mature enough, to hold back to my problems?
Why do I keep on crying?
Why do I have to undergo those insomniac nights?
Am I still that little, to be lullabied?
Please tell me if a lullaby will help me sleep deep.
Keeping aside all my problems.


I guess lullaby is the only rope, which will help my thoughts
for him, to attempt a suicide successfully.
I wish him a long life but on a sentence,
And that’s I can rest in peace for ever.
Because, every time and everything holds our memories,
Do I have to move on to a new place?
But what about the memories engraved in my heart?
How should I vanish them?
If not vanish,
Can I just bury them back, from where they aroused?
But why?
Then should keep on wailing and keep bearing, the wrath of his memories.
Why do I still feel, that a day will come, when he will be back.

He has moved on…
A new house, new mates, new memories leaving behind
that bonfire, where we used to enjoy sitting together.
Then why am still lying around that bonfire?
It is hope that he will be once back turning around.

It’s an obsession
Obsessed I am…..



51 thoughts on “Lullaby…

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      1. One more thing.. Love is a state of being.. love never create problems in life.. Our dreams are the problem, Our attachments and desires are the problem.. Our ideas that we cling to about how things should be – that is the problem…
        And our ego doesn’t want to accept the fact that our dreams have been shattered. It doesn’t want to face the reality. Have you noticed how the mind goes on feeding the wounds of a ‘broken heart’ by endlessly running the story of what happened to us. Endlessly chewing on the ‘What if’s’. Like a tongue constantly returning to the hole left by a tooth that was removed by the dentist. It just can’t let it go, can it?

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      2. This is really something awesome you have written on the spot. you are right again. Its only own expectations that make us fall. When we expect nothing in return we are much more happier with a little. But again it hurts, really hurts when u gave away everything for the person and the person instead moves on without even recognising the sacrifices and efforts.

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      3. Yes you got it correctly now..It is own expectations.. and when someone is not able to fulfill our expectations it is our ego that makes us feel hurt/broken..

        That why it is very difficult to let go completely of the people who we feel have ‘hurt’ us… We either go on carrying an illusion that the love will somehow miraculously be rekindled, that the other will see the light and come back to us, or we carry hate and revenge against them. We may think we have cut them out of our lives, but every time we see them or hear about them, we have an emotional reaction.. And despite our best endeavors, they keep coming back into our thoughts whenever we are feeling vulnerable or lonely…

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  1. Oh! This is the fresh wound talking. No wound is big enough not to heal in a life time, and take it that from somebody who has been wounded enough times. But I still manage to move on with a brave heart . At least that’s what i think i am doing. No guy is worth your happiness and self esteem. Mark my words Shreya, You will rise above this situation in no time like a Phoenix bird rising up from the ashes.

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    1. “You will rise above this situation in no time like a Phoenix bird rising up from the ashes.”
      You flatter me each time you comment. I guess I saw this in harry potter. I am really motivated by your words. Thank you very much anamika.
      ❤ ❤

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  2. Dear blogger.. The only way to really let someone go, and thus be free to get on with our lives, is with gratitude for what they did give us.. Or at least with a focus on appreciating their good qualities, rather than harping on their bad ones. This is not at all easy for the mind, the ego, which would much rather stay with blame and complaint. But it is not difficult for the heart, for the energetic ♥ heart..

    The heart 💓 has the capacity to see the positive, even in someone whom the mind can only see as a monster.. That is because the heart doesn’t compare and doesn’t have ideals. It doesn’t have dreams or hopes. It simply sees the present reality, without judging. Judging is a quality of the mind, not the heart, because it requires comparison..

    I hope you have energetic 💓 so now onwards you will look into positive aspects of life nd move ahead with happiness… Have beautiful life.. 😄

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  3. Loss, nostalgia and obsession come across in your beautiful poem. I know it’s hard but forward is the place to go. Sometimes people are meant to cross our paths more than once, but not always… There’s so much lying ahead, waiting to happen…Embrace the future❤

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  4. It is easy to move forward only if you listen to your 💓 heart.. Unlike the mind, or ego, the heart doesn’t take personally happened.. It understands that that person has their own problems, their own vulnerability and their own limits that make them behave the way they do. And that has nothing to do with you. Their behavior is their way of covering up their own wounds, fears and needs.. With that understanding, compassion arises. And with that compassion, you can finally let that person go and find peace for yourself..

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  5. Hi Shreya, I’m not an expert in love but I just want you to know if you’re meant to be together you will be, but if not then that’s because there’s a better one for you. You are a lovely lady with high intellect, someone like you deserves a reciprocal. It will hurt but it will make you stronger. 😘💖

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  6. Thanks Mr/Mrs   for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace and Love

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