When heart speaks…..

The one which my life is searching,
Is this that destination?
Have I achieved his smile, his body ‘n his soul?
Why does my heart says to,
Just stop here?

I have got new emotions,
I don’t know what effect is this,
I got a ray of hope again,
Is it because he is someone who accepted me the way I am?

Like a morning of a new season,
Or afternoon of winter,
I have found somebody as if,
A desert has got some rain.
I found him at a turn,
Turn, of the saddest moment of my life .

The way a star lightens up the sky,
He lightens up the soul.

I forgot all my pain,
Such was the effect,
he taught me live again.

The smiling face is keeping a watch.
I have no idea what is hidden in his heart.
Are they are the feelings for me?

Why am I feeling the pain
when he is wounded?
Can u guess me what are his intentions?
I hope they are not to betray me.
Are they?



61 thoughts on “When heart speaks…..

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      1. Well, it’s true, that’s why these sayings have survived for eons. The thing about time is that it is independent from all human interferences! That is, in a sense the flow of time doesn’t stop, no matter what you do! This implies that certain things aren’t under our control, and only the unfloding of time will reveal whether the decision were good or not (in the hindsight)! We’ve to learn to accept that! 😊☺️

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      2. The thing is no need fretting over these musings, if life’s good. If life’s throwing lemons at you, make lemonades! Simple! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. I guess I forgot to add these lines in my post. Hahaa
      Its true nither too protected nor too open heart is good because If naked then surely scars will form which is not really good. I guess I have to start looking for a shield insteadπŸ˜‹πŸ˜

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      1. Yes, maybe a small shield, just to cover your heart until that guy on a white horse with the fabulous hair grabs you by the hand, pulling you up and you ride off into the sunset. Hehe.

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