A Lazy Evening

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Sulaiman Hafeez

It’s a quiet February evening,
Sitting quietly in our house, she’s in the kitchen baking one of her famous choco-chip brownies as I watch the soccer game on the Television.
This isn’t right.
Standing up and making my way to the kitchen, I creep up behind her unawares and wrap my hands around her in a tight hug.

With my head resting on her shoulders,
I ask her to drop everything else and spend some time with me.
I’m impatient.
I crave for your company more than anything else.
Put those brownies in the oven,
We have a lot of time before the alarm goes off.

Take my hand and follow me into the living room.
Sit beside me on this couch,
Take the remotes,
You can put on whatever you like,
It doesn’t matter to me,
I’m just going to be watching you anyway.
No matter how many times…

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  1. Shreya, thanks for visiting me again with a welcome like on Yep, I’m back. Your post includes very heart touching, emotional moments. You are a good writer with a lot of ability to help others in turmoil. Be blessed with a heart to speak for others by your talent.

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