Square box; Round pizza; Triangular slices; I'm CONFUSED..... Criticism is appreciated.  



A mime artist exhibits his role, As soon as he finishes off with it The curtains roll down. The conditions force him not to speak, or maybe because he finds not explaining his worries to everyone out there, more comfortable. Anyways he is depressed. A heavy makeup Strong expressions, a joker smile - a medium... Continue Reading →

Haiku #9

Just because I'm nice to you, doesn't mean I like you. It just means, I'm not rude. No haiku rules followed.  

Mr. Ego!!

Dear ego, You proved yourself to be the strongest. Their relationship, you were the one who shattered it like anything and I could not do even something to bind it. You were a barrier, an invisible wall between them which finally broke them apart. But still I continued to climb and tried to escape this... Continue Reading →


I had always thought there were only a few things in the world more humiliating than, your teacher berating you in front of the entire class and complaining to your parents in a parent-teacher meet. And today I had a proof too, to it. They turned and threw me volleys I had no intention to... Continue Reading →


While leaving the school today, He just screamed out, that he loved me. I joked around. I told him, that I already knew and laughed again. I laughed and we moved together, for some time and then walked our way to our houses. He told me to come to his terrace once I'm done, with... Continue Reading →

Letter to him….

Wait, What else do you want out of me? I have already given you every thing, I ever owned. No, Don't talk about what I gave you, Just let me know, what I was not able to give you because, actually I tried my best. I was never the person you thought me to be,... Continue Reading →


As I was standing at the pathway, near her house, A little while later, the lights of the room went out. A candle flickered behind, the frosted glass window. The window opened with a creaking sound. She poured wax from the lit candle, on to the ledge and fixed, two more candles and lit them.... Continue Reading →

Tags- Nominations!!

I was tagged by Winni and MAULIKPANDITBLOG for TMI tag, by Rida yumn Ahmed for Get to know me tag and by  Novus Lectio  also for Get to know me tag. Thank you so very much. Do check out their blogs:- TMI TAG What To Do If You’re Tagged: 1.You can participate if you want, if not, you can totally decline... Continue Reading →

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