She is a mosaic,
Vivid colors, mixing to form a known pattern.
The one, visualized once in a dream.
Those bony fingers, attract my attention like anything.
And these lucid lips, duress me to kiss.
I feel those lips warm enough,
to neutralise the cold within me.

And her beauty enough;
to fill the void carved deep within.
The way she walks,
lifting her tiny feet, as gently as possible,
such that it makes me a melancholy.
Aah! Its similar, to the one of a
solitary reaper.
No, no, it’s that of a,
sweet kitten mulling.
Oh! No but this is quite familiar at times,
and not at the other.

It hypnotizes me,
Hypnotized by her beauty,
I have lost myself in the mosaic of her beauty.

Mosaic of her body,
her lips and everything.
Why do I feel, that she’ll perfectly fit into me.
Don’t say
that it’s not right to feel that way to a girl.
But what’s wrong with it?
Huh! I can ignore everything
once she’s ready to pay me her full attention.
Just once, give me a chance,
I’ll put in my every effort to get you mine.

No she is not aΒ femme fatale
Why will she play with me,
Its me who is attracted.
Neither of hers game.

It’s the first time I am feeling that way to a girl.
But it’s totally right.
Isn’t it?




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      1. Since the 1970s, the consensus of the behavioral and social sciences and the health and mental health professions globally is that homosexuality is a variation of human sexual orientation, although some professionals maintain that it is a disorder.[2]Β In 1974, theΒ American Psychiatric AssociationΒ declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder.[3]Β TheΒ American Psychological AssociationΒ Council of Representatives followed in 1975.[4]Thereafter other major mental health organizations followed, including theΒ World Health OrganizationΒ in 1990.

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      2. We can have a healthy debate on this…..and trust me I will not pounce on you….when we were in third year…this was one of the topic for one of the group discussion….I was totally against this LGBT….I really gave good points support my views too…but that was because I wanted to be different to win the event….every one just pounced on me …..they were “for”the topic… Got a bit nostalgic….


      3. Yeah modern psychologist debate on this, ..
        I am studying biology as far as I know, human beings are born to get physically attracted to opposite sex, it’s a natural fact.
        It’s due to sorrounding stresses and mental pressure etc ..
        Mind it previously it was like few years ago it was definitely a psychological disease. So yeah have a great day..

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      4. They all are personal opinion if you read online…
        Not on books, no doctors are taught in the institution, practically, rather its more of a agenda on wide spectrum that encompasses political biasing and empathy.
        but the fact is naturally the harmonal changes and physiology don’t support this.


      5. Also I am not a biology student…but I have studied biology until my tenth…so I remember there are some species which are not attracted to the opposite sexes…some animal or insects…..the following is to support my argument…..I can give you the sources of it too….Not All Insects Have Pheromones That Attract The Opposite Sex

        You have all heard of pheromones. These are the chemicals secreted from humans and animals. These secretions attract members of the opposite sex. Or do they? Maybe pheromones do not always serve this purpose. When it comes to insects in particular, many species will use pheromones to attract mates. But some species secrete pheromones that are consideredΒ anti-aphrodisiacs. There are even insects that follow pheromones with the hopes of finding a mate, but they end up finding something dangerous instead.


      6. The fact is that in earlier times , science was not developed that much ….so even a person with leprosy was called abnormal….or mentally I’ll…there is lot to be discovered and I am sure that the scientists will reach a consensus some day that exceptions are not always illnesses….they are just different…I am sorry if I hurt any one….just wanted to share my opinions …thanks for this platform

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      7. when I said it’s natural no one can disapprove it, it’s as simple as that. A natural phenomenon of human.
        I don’t have problem with if someone is gay /lesbian or attracted to same sex sexually,
        while it’s nothing wrong if a homosexual consult a psychiatrist or psychologist.
        I mean it’s good, it’s not bad to consult.. It’s not a taboo thing.
        Peace out. Have a great day.

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      8. It’s not acquired…it is innate…Plato…shahjahan… Alexander…all of them are examples….it’s just that 2009 judgement and the whole demonstration gave a lot of visibility to these people…it was always there …hidden… since people thought that this is unnatural


      9. Well we can debate on this as long as anything else…I know that you must be a genius since all your arguments are valid…it’s just that I too have a lot to say on this … I enjoy debates…I hope you enjoy it too πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


      10. Thank you.
        Actually it’s not a debate too.. It is not how a debate is held…. Or like I cannot debate on philosophy, although I can discuss…
        So it’s a discussion.
        So if all I want if a parents sees his son/daughter weired sexual behavior /homosexual or like anything.. The parents can consult a doctors. Nothing wrong.
        Now I am going to reply till infinity and beyond. So good bye..


      1. Walaikum As Salam wa Rehmatullahi(Rehmat) wa baraktahu (blessings),
        Yeah I got you, .
        I just shared my opinion, thanks for understanding me. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
        Hope you are as fit as a fiddle. 😊😊

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      2. I know. I was just kidding. I am u kept your views aquib.
        On a side note please donot use such difficult Arabic because I’m still at its basics. Hahaa. But I loved it my master.πŸ˜‚πŸ’™β€

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      3. Oh, it’s like I got used to it Shreya, you know .
        But hats off to you since you are learning it’s Grammer all by yourself. Much respect for you. ☺️☺️☺️, on my sticky notes please remember, ” never lose that smile.” πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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  1. Poetry goes where it wants to go whether it’s pushing boundaries or totally ignoring them. I really enjoyed reading this poem.
    My favorite line: “Why do I feel, that she’ll perfectly fit into me.” That says it all because it’s both a question and an answer.
    I also like the fact that the speaker is willing to explore her feelings of attraction for the same sex while acknowledging that the world at large may not accept her for doing so.

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    1. O’ Benjamin,
      You cannot see how much I’m happy that you didn’t joined the debate sessionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Well, seriously I also loved the lined and it was written for the people who look down upon minorities for no reason. Glad u liked it.😊

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