You left me,
Smoking and drinking came my way.
I used to gulp painkillers to reduce the pain of being left,
unaware of, that they won’t work.
I started to quaff it everyday.
Some shots of intoxication accompanied and people,
they termed it drugs.

Warned me not to take them anymore.
But then should I undergo the illebral behaviour I am treated all by myself.
They termed me mad.
Who could expect,
that a girl studying in a catholic convent boarding school, will get addicted to drugs.
But I wasn’t addicted to drugs,
I was; to him,
to his love.
No one understood.
I neither want any one to fake their sympathy.

I drink so I’m alive,
If I didn’t I’d die.
When he made me thirsty,
Wine quenched the thirst,
But If wine is the one to flare,
Who shall douse it.
I’m confused.
I’m in pain,
Seeking a refugee in a victim.
I want to give myself the utmost pain, because
that gets me some relief.

No, I’m not blaming you for what you did,
I’m cursing myself for, why did I fall for you.
I don’t want to speak out my pains
neither my fears,
nor my strength.
Because I know, you are waiting for a mistake,
and to break me apart very well.
But now you won’t break me rather crush to orts for I’m already a broken chalice.

That street lamp on the third post,
now provides me the refugee and the warmth
warm enough for me ;
and making me not to crave for his.
You abandoned me for no reason,
and you’ll have to bear its paroxysm.


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