As I was standing at the pathway, near her house,
A little while later,
the lights of the room went out.
A candle flickered behind,
the frosted glass window.
The window opened with a creaking sound.

She poured wax
from the lit candle,
on to the ledge and fixed,
two more candles and lit them.
The flames burnt yellow and blue,
and she smiled at me ,
under their pale glow.
Her eyes lowered in shame,
Not actually, but was being coy.

She rested her chin on the ledge,
as I sat on the pavement,
slowly rubbing my back against the wall.

Staring each other from such a distance,
That eons reduced to a few steps.
Talking without exchanging words,
laughingΒ  with out a shrill voice letting out,
Was her magic.
She was a magic
From where my imagination started.
Her soul was magical, so were her words.
I prevented myself from losing in the, labyrinth of her body.
And from, drowning in her fantasies.
Preventing myself from slipping,
in her black art,
I ended up losing myself.


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