Mr. Ego!!

Dear ego,

You proved yourself to be the strongest.
Their relationship, you were the one who shattered it like anything
and I could not do even something to bind it.
You were a barrier,
an invisible wall between them
which finally broke them apart.
But still I continued to climb and tried to escape this wall.
This invisible wall.
You were the one who kept them away from messaging each other.
You were the one who didn’t allow her to message him first.
You were the rusted pin to her wound, lifting your stupid leg in the air
and trying to stop them from meeting each other in every possible aspect.
Who am I to blame you?
It is always the owner who is foolish.
Am I right?
So definitely it was wrong on my part that I allowed you to grow into me.
You took me as the site for your energy,
Fame, rather boldness.
And instead of favouring me you proved to be rebellious .
I guess ego was bold enough to take over their relationship.
Everytime I tried to fix up the things you broke them again into innumerable pieces.
And I again chose to be the victim.
Will be waiting for a reply note.

Yours loving


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