The night sky,
Full of stars and a cresent moon.
I wish my life was that occupied, too.
As occupied as the sky is with those zillion stars.
Instead, its my body,
with those infinite unrecognized scars.
But that’s okay!
These scars are now welcomed.
They provide me some relief because I know,
that my life has a sad script with no happy skits.

It’s not easy to fight alone but,
life is a battle,
meant to be fought alone for the sake of good.
Everything seems black and white.
Memories fading away,
The ones who once were, my heart have left.
With their names imprinted, on the sands of time.

It’s hard to answer What’s wrong’ when nothing’s right.
But how does it even matter.
They say,
Time heals everything.
And I’ll live with it.

Now I mind nothing at all.
I can understand that you don’t have time to even open my texts.
I know you are busy.
Now even my soul has started travelling subconsciously,
It’s just that my physical body is rotting in some corner.
Don’t pity me,
Now I don’t expect any surprise visits.
People haunt me now and I can continue to live as the only star in this night sky.

I’m angry;
But I’ll put on a smile with some laughers tape recorded for my cords.
It’ll hurt but I’ll survive.
If my life is going to be like this forever,
I don’t want to live anymore.
I expect a change.
Life sucks at times.

Attachment> Expectations> Disappointments.


43 thoughts on “Doleful

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      1. All my comments are landing up in people’s spam. I think I’ll burst out crying now out of frustration!!! These wordpress people are taking so long to answer a querry!!😥😥😥😥😥
        But you’re welcome Shreya.😊😊😊😊

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      2. Hahaa. Not many times but yes! sometimes the comment is not going through and I tap the send button again and then it shows duplicate comment message which makes me feel really bad. Hahaa

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  1. My favorite lines: “As occupied as the sky is with those zillion stars.
    Instead, its my body,
    with those infinite unrecognized scars.”

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      1. I have always time to read and reflect on my friends work. And if not tdy but I am sure and confident abt ur growing up as literary genius. Guess ur ‘ gham ‘ is bringing out the best in u. That simply states everything has a purpose in our life.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope this isn’t what you are feeling right now. You can always msg me in ig,you know. You are a strong woman with a great pen. Sending hugs and love. 😊

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