It feels solus when my eyes google, gazillion stars up there,
in the night sky.
You were selfish.
because you left me for those stars.
Were they too seductive?
We used to graze them but now its only me.
Yeah! It hurts.
I want to taste you in his kiss.
I want to feel you when I touch him.
We could have rather together decided to leave.
Wouldn’t it have been more interesting?

As I lay under this huge-furious yet mesmerizing night sky,
I am once again reminded of you.
Is the brightest star, you?
Are you still staring me like you used to?
Shall I stare you back to once again step into our lame staring contests?

I cannot walk past your presence.
I can still feel you.
Somewhere around me.
That suicide note, which you left, still haunts me.
Maybe this was what you wanted.
It gets me to my nerves to think that you’ve gone somewhere far away.
Somewhere, people think is out of my approach.
But actually it’ll cost me scarcely anything.
Just one dagger and that’s all.
And in no time we’ll be reunited.

Is that what you want, too?
That’s the only way to meet you now.
You didn’t even think it important to inform me once.
Was that all I meant to you?

I wonder if you were yin.
Perhaps that’s the only reason, you were weak and left.
Because if you were yang you wouldn’t have run away from this life
I don’t want to enjoy this night anymore, accompanied with preternatural silence.
It makes me feel deserted.
Devoid of love.
Couldn’t I love you the way you wanted me to?
Were the stars too bright and I too dull?
Were the stars too seductive?

Goodbye to the world,
And we’ll be reunited again.

I hope you were the Chieftain and me, the Lord Ullin’s daughter.

36 thoughts on “Goodbye!

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  1. You definitely capture the love, loss, longing, and grief. Extra cool points for the reference to the poem ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter’!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. went to collect those tiny stars to light up
    our nights upon the roof of our bed
    to play the game of crackers
    you wait till I come around
    Let’s not forget the memories ….

    Liked by 1 person

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