Lonely Angel…

Happiness is something I can never own. But now I'm feeling okay, since I've been living miserably everyday. I have a feeling like I've a knife cluched deep in my heart, that I can't get rid of. No matter how much I struggle. I feel like giving up, Because everyday is the same. Exhausting, Painful,... Continue Reading →

Divine (Tanka)

I wish living life forcefully was a sin. And to end it, divine. Trying to live upto their expectations, a sin, Fulfilling our will, pretty divine. Wouldn't life be interesting then?

Gloomy Aura…

Let me weep my fears out. Let me scream to the point, my voice tears apart. Don't pity me. I'm now used to such fears. Even if you did a stupid drunken mistake, It's me who's suffering. It's me who's crying and weeping. Don't look so woebegone, they say. Perhaps, I should laugh on my... Continue Reading →

Woebegone world (cleave poem)

The world's painted grey: selfish desires are to be fulfilled yet. Emotionless hearts, yet: and the very own self is what they live for. Gloomy it is all around: With selfish desires and broken hearts all around. Trust is meant to be cheated: ,hearts are meant to be broken. The world looks a sorry sight:... Continue Reading →


Be gone from me, My one and only. I can't live this lie, For one more day. The path has way too many hurdles, Perhaps walking alone would help. Undergoing the pain all by myself would rather help, Than dragging you too into it. Go, be free, Go, be gone. You don't need to lie... Continue Reading →

Revenge ( Etheree)

For We trust To be betrayed To prove ourselves chump To  be  proved, the  weakest To let others  lowball our power For  our  rivals to  be fool us  easily To let not others realise the truth within For people to think  us of a mere  expectant And so we trust to be the one, cheated... Continue Reading →


From a little vine covered house, We moved to a large new one. And from the sacred mountain I heard a voice. The afternoon sun penetrated, the mass of honeysuckle, that covered the porch. My fingers lingered almost unconsciously on, the familiar leaves and blossoms, which had just come forth to greet the sweet northern... Continue Reading →


The blinds, drawn on to my window, There's hardly any light penetrating this room. Just like my heart, Devoid of any love, Craving for someone's company. they say it'll get better soon, And what other choice do I have? I'm struck in an eerie reality. There's something sinister about your manly voice, Unlike those love... Continue Reading →


Sitting all by my self, in a corner of this pretty spacious room, Lights gone out, With cigarette in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other, You once again managed to picture yourself in my mind. Is it normal? Is breakup a part of relationship? Your eyes are way too seductive. But... Continue Reading →

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