The End!

What’s it?
The pen,
why is it not working?
Am I all done with my life?
Is it , where my life was meant to be dragged till?
Is it the destination?
Have I conquered life or am I left defeated?
But how does that even matter,
I can anyway rest for a while now.

No more turmoil to bear.
Alas! I can rest.
Life is a maze with no visible end.
Isn’t it?
And, now its all peace everywhere.
No one’s bothering anyone here.
Everything’s placed perfectly and
there’s no confusion at all, with anything.
Afterlife is pretty toothsome.
Atleast no one bluffs for their unfulfilled desires.
At least we can live our day through, if not enjoy.
Atleast we can breathe and not die within.

I have bore life till I could but eventually it had to come to an end,
And here’s it.
I have suffered a lot,
perhaps that’s why now there’s a sand less hourglass above that table.

With everything shoved aside,
Now its the time I can concentrate upon building myself,
rather than trying to leave the impressions on everyone’s life.
But will it really matter now?
Whether I work upon myself ‘o not.
I am anyway an outraged memory.
Something which people think has disappeared into thin air.
I better rest.

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