I’m sorry.

The skies now seem wide apart. The day I came to know that you were someone existing on this world, Was the best day ever. And the days following were peaceful too. Now it again seems all so gloomy. A tunnel with no visible end is where I feel myself now. Just in a moment... Continue Reading →

Until then..

Days by days are passing and its getting even harder for me. I feel like depression is slowly, swallowing me up. No one's aware of what I'm going through, And no one has ever experienced what I'm experiencing every single day,  either. As I'm typing tears are tolling down my cheeks. If you try and... Continue Reading →

Dear maths…

Dear maths, Go and buy yourself a calculator. I am a teenager, not a therapist. I know you have problems in your life but I'm also not very much happy either. I'm fed up of finding your X. Just except the fact that she's gone. Move on dude! Better solve your problems yourself than relying... Continue Reading →

Time worn

Even on birthday, I'd never asked for anything. But now I want to ask something from you, God, Since I've hardly made any requests. Take me away from this cruel place. Seriously, I'm exhausted being a living dead. I hate every detail of this place. How even am I still alive? I know my words... Continue Reading →


Fearless, I call me. Fearless, I say. No more aloofness, No more hearts to slay. You were something, I dreamt with my open eyes. You were a magic, I believed in. With my utmost faith in you, I decided to accompany you in every up and down, just the way you did. To imagine something... Continue Reading →

Anime Out…

Sketching manga!! I'm pretty much not too good at sketching human face so I better prefer Anime. Hahaa... These all Manga sketches are made by me with the background effect X-PRO-II. -x-x-  

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