Time worn

Even on birthday,
I’d never asked for anything.
But now I want to ask something from you, God,
Since I’ve hardly made any requests.

Take me away from this cruel place.
I’m exhausted being a living dead.
I hate every detail of this place.
How even am I still alive?

I know my words won’t cure my depression,
But I’m certain that your one action will definitely sooth me to heaven.
So why not?
Good jobs shouldn’t be delayed by even a minute,
That’s what they say.
So what about our reunion?
We’ll have to meet one day.
So why not now?
I’m anyway tired of living upto everyone’s expectations.

You like me, good.
You don’t like me, that’s even better.
Since I can’t live my life in impressing every bit of you.
I’m tired of proving myself.
You have something to gossip at my back?
Come to me, I’ll tell you more.

You don’t like talking to me?
That’s totally okay.
Even I don’t live on you.
It’s just my politeness, which obstructs my way to cruelty.
Never mind.
You’re not the only one who hates me.
So now I’m kinda adapted to thisΒ  behaviour.

I’ll accept what they think about me, rather I’ll have to.
Since that’s the only choice I’m left with.
I’m tired of being sad.
This depression had made the devil in me stronger than my good angel.

I’m dead on my feet proving my inner self.
I need some rest.
Pull me away from this cruel reality.
I’m done with my life.
I’m time worn.
I need some rest.


42 thoughts on “Time worn

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  1. I have felt this too .. and He stepped in and soothed my tattered heart and showed me the way to a better life ..
    those ‘others’ still think I don’t matter. . now it doesn’t matter what they think .. only matters what He and I think πŸ’™

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  2. I’m sending you my hugs and kisses, my dear Shreya! When you feel no one understand and care for you, remember someone like me (with my smiling face 😊). I’m right here 😘

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  3. Shreya, our journey through life is oftentimes paved with shards of glass. Tread with care. Treat your wounds. Rest when you must. Keep moving forward. It’s the only way to grow stronger, to gain self-confidence and knowledge of self.

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  4. Life; the journey. It can be cruel, it can be uneven, it’s not always easy, but this is life; the journey… you don’t have to walk it alone! Ask, seek, knock; God’s love will open doors!

    Be blessed!

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    1. That’s actually good to hear that now there’s no more need for me to tell that I write totally fiction.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      And thank you for your comforting words, Anna.
      You’re always the sweetest. Hugs❀❀

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