Until then..

Days by days are passing and its getting even harder for me.
I feel like depression is slowly,
swallowing me up.

No one’s aware of what I’m going through,
And no one has ever experienced what I’m experiencing every single day,  either.
As I’m typing tears are tolling down my cheeks.

If you try and put your soul in me for just one day I bet you won’t be able to survive for long.
I’m really strong for I’m still here.
Am I not?
Facing all the challenges and an extra ordinarily challenging life,
here I’m still.

I’m short of tears.
I’ve never talked about my so, depressive life with anyone.
Since they’ll only make it worse.
I’m writing this since I’ve no fear of judgements here.
You people probably know nothing about me,
So if something happens it’ll hardy bother anyone.

I’m seriously exhausted of everything and me too.
Until now, I’ve never passed a day without a tear,
dropping from my eyes.
Until end, none would know how miserably a soul had lived.
How painful and heart bothering someone’s story can be.

But I’ll still live.
Maybe some more days and then eventually its all clear.
My hands are shaking and my body’s wobbly,
I’m feeling out of breath as I’m typing this.
I’m seriously exhausted of everything.
Let me be at peace.

Until then I’ll be living.
Living the worst, ever.



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