Living dead

Now smoking is the only thing, I can feel myself interested in. I can feel the pleasure. Pleasure of betrayal perhaps? I don't want any friend to accompany me. Now, I'm betrayed enough to get my things myself. I'm dead on my feet living this lie. My life is a lie. And my existence is... Continue Reading →


Coastal kid.

As the sun slowly drowns itself in the sea, The stars start appearing in the bloodstained west. In this serene twilight, As I go for a ramble around the shore, There is nothing more I yearn for than to sink in with every receding wave. My thoughts feel slippery as my mind is already drowned.... Continue Reading →

Void (Tanka)

The void which an enemy carves deep in the heart, A friend shall fill it. But if the friend isthe one carving the void, Who shall smoothen it?


These are birthmarks. This is something I say to everyone who asks me about these scars. And they say that birthmarks don't pain. They're right. My scars pain because they're not birthmarks. Everytime I'm hurt I just let some of the bad blood flow out through one of the scars. They did pain once, But... Continue Reading →

Nature love.

Air was clean and fragrant with cedar and pine. I breathed into my lungs greedily. As the day went on, The sun climbed higher in the sky and, The mountain bathed in golden sun. Mimosa was in its full bloom. Buttercups were hanging from every vine With the fragrance of sea weed in the air,... Continue Reading →


The pale moon waneth night by night. Making me feel pretty much desperate for some lambent light. Ultimately leaving me alone. Now even the moon is drowning in the veil of darkness. Perhaps something brighter is awaiting? Or perhaps it'll be a dark moonless night. Even yin has a white spot. Then why not my... Continue Reading →

Lustful glances

Eros harrows my heart, Wild winds whipping desolate mountains, Uprooting oaks. Eros drives me to transcend my love for you. To be bound to no limits. To let the sky seem open and pretty spacious to accommodate our desires. Let yourself free. Loose yourself into the moment just the way I'm into it. Don't unnecessarily... Continue Reading →

Trip 2K18

This is different post. Neither a poetry nor an update. This a post about our recent school trip to Haryana, Northern India. We all assembled in school at 5:00am. While the teachers and nuns were performing mass, we were simply clicking selfies in the campus. After it was over we left for kurukshetra, Haryana. Then... Continue Reading →


I'm a broken musical instrument, Let me flute my fears out. I'm a baseless chalice, I can't hold anything, but some dark and gloomy memories. I'm a torn football, But you can still play with me if you really loved. I'm your torn pair of shoes, I took you to my eyes whole of my... Continue Reading →

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