Blogging community.

While I was sitting in the school library yesterday, I was just thinking about one blogger whose post didn't appear on my reader for a long time. Firstly not many people blog around me. I mean I know no one except one friend who blogs on wordpress. So from my school I guess its only... Continue Reading →

Roja (Red)

The love of rose till the petals fall apart Was like her love till she did depart. In a red sequin maxy, adorning this barren land There she stands still, Red it is. Everything fell dull, With a Grandiflorous adorning this night. Once, is when it blooms. So was she, Smiling, standing still and starinig.... Continue Reading →


As the sun was drowning itself in the sea, And the sky was bleeding profusely, I could see her silhouette in the blood stained west. I could sense the rhythm of her very body. I could sense her breath on my face, just. I could even feel her petite waist, as I wrapped my hands... Continue Reading →

Scarlet lips

Oh she seems out of sight now. Where's she gone. The life took a turn and so she too folded in, with that turn. Am I alone now? Or perhaps I'm lonely? Learn the difference. Don't you see these red eyes which were once hazel green? Or maybe, you don't want to. Anyways I must... Continue Reading →

War within

I don't feel like I can bear it anymore. I don't have a reason to bear this harsh life. For how long can I be just a living dead, after all. I'll eventually have to leave. And I'm happy about it. I don't fear swinging around the edges of the mountains with my one hand... Continue Reading →

Undiscribed masterpiece!

My skin bleeds in metaphors. My mind wanders in the depth of your poetry. I feel myself drowned in a ocean of your words. As more often as this loquacious tongue is used, I feel myself flowing with these currents. You look like a villanelle, wanting to be sung, babe. As mysterious as an unread... Continue Reading →


The last words of our good-bye Still echoes in my head, Running down a mess on paper, Spilling ink, ruining canvas, I breathe words, I digest colours, Break, churn and wreck What you said wasn’t the same you meant? Was it all in my head? Will you be back? There’s silence on your side As... Continue Reading →

A secret

The only mistake I did was to share my every secret with her. I didn't know she'll be just another stranger with all my secrets. They say when we get too close to anything, it looses it's lust. Perhaps, moon looks beautiful because it's far away. Pretty far and out of reach for you and... Continue Reading →

Odd observation (Abstract poetry)

The sky seems pretty much like an upside down ocean. Enveloping numerous cries from some part below this ocean. In some part here, it envelops frivolous and joyous shrills. We are perhaps water life living in it? When I look up to see this  ocean at large, I feel a water bird. Flying without wings.... Continue Reading →

Itr-e-ishq (Hindi poetry)

Sirf paane ka naam ishq nahi, Kuchh khone ko bhi ishq kehte hain. Agar is dil ne kaha tum bewafa ho, Is dil ko seene se nikal denge. Ishq sabhi ko jeena sikha deta hai. Wafa ke naam par marna sikha deta. Ishq nahi kiya to karke dekho, Jaalim har dard sehna seekh jaata hai.... Continue Reading →

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