Painting competition

So here I am again. As all of you might be knowing that Indian independence day is coming, so there was a painting competition held.

The winner is to be awarded with 1000₹ cash prize+ trophy+ certificate.

2nd position- 750₹+ trophy+ certificate.

3rd position- 500₹+ trophy+ certificate

The competition was on the spot. I mean theme, ‘ SHINING INDIA’ was given on the spot. I just went with my painting kit and drawing sheet was provided there itself.

When I told sir to click a pic as my phone went out of battery, he asked me that have I printed this piece or handmade?😂😂😂

I was nearly shocked to hear it. Anyways I don’t feel anything like that. I feel that I couldn’t even paint it evenly.

Results are yet to be declared.

Do give me your opinions about it. Will IIbe able to win?😂😂😂 CRITICIS WILL BE APPRECIATED.

Thank you.


44 thoughts on “Painting competition

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      1. Hey Anna, there is a flood in Kerela. I hope you and your family is safe. I wasn’t able to contact you through mail so I commented. Is everything fine over there with you? Are you people safe?

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  1. I really like the trees. 🌲 Beautiful!
    And just my own opinion if you don’t mind. I’d prefer it if the buildings were navy blue. 🌃 Gray makes the city looks not energetic.
    Anyway, lovely painting! I hope you will win, Shreya! 💕 How much time did you spend on it?

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