A long break.😜

Hello, I am here to tell you all wonderful bloggers that I am taking a break from blogging since I don't get much time posting the blogs. While I am writing this I feel so very attached to blogging. I will remember each and everyone of you even after I quit blogging if only I... Continue Reading →


Symphony Musings (Collaboration)

Softly comes the hush of wind, Binding me with the nature so kind, Like the Daisy in full bloom, I got out of my boring room. A homely zephyr kisses me off, As I lay on the mountain, Atop. Mimosa is in its full bloom Just like himalyan plume. Lightly, ever so lightly, the wind... Continue Reading →


A relaxed ambience of the mocktail longue, A soul with mixed emotions, A ring just beside the champagne bottle. Shining and glistening, Just as much as the ring did in the glass holder. Here it all started. Sitting and waiting for a dance partner, You landed on the chair just in front of mine. Silence... Continue Reading →


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