Laying aimlessly on the bed, With my eyes wide open, fixed at the wall, This grey, cemented wall is seductive, perhaps? Or perhaps my eyes don't wish to wander? Throat half slit, bleeding profusely, The sheet stained, Memories are running through my eyes in a hurry, With everything set back in a blurred vision. I... Continue Reading →

Random clicks #1 (HOPE)

These random clicks include pics clicked by me. I always wanted to do photography but I didn't have a DSLR. And I was really wrong that good pics can only be clicked by a Nikon DSLR. So this is a pic clicked from my phone as I still don't have a camera yet.๐Ÿ˜‚ The pics... Continue Reading →

Teen (LGBTQ)

My teenage wasn't the way I thought it to be, Neither the way I dreamt of, Nor the way others had their's. Frequent mood swings, Endless crying, repenting, struggling, This was my teenage. I realized something about my identity. A truth only I realized, yet. I was a gay. Different from every other girl in... Continue Reading →


You know it's getting even harder to live here. I don't have a reason to bear this harsh reality. These days, the Sun seems to run and hide away behind the clouds in the afternoon only. No one can even lend an ear to my sorrowful, hopeless life. Why will they, anyways? They say it... Continue Reading →

Exam is overrrrrr……..

Finallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy........... Heloooooooooooooo....... You know tenth standard in India is a pretty hectic and the most crucial year of one's carrier. We had one exam today which the most important one for tenthies. I mean everyone starts preparing for it two to three years prior. Now it is over. I am feeling so very free. Now... Continue Reading →

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