Friend I lost (#Unsent letters)

To the friend I lost this year, Hello, It was after a very long time that I lost any of my friends. I lost one(though I cannot compare her with you since she was far better) but we didn't have any option. She had to move away for her higher studies. I never met her... Continue Reading →


Crying doesn't seem to be a solution to this life anymore. I am wet to my bones, crying. I am shivering but that doesn't turn out to lessen my pain anyways. They say, the more you bear, the more you'll have to bear. But I don't have any option. Do I? I can't just go... Continue Reading →

Unsent letter #1 (Sr. Annette)

Dear sister Annette, I still remember that you were our school principal when I was doing my pre primary or nursery basically. That is about ten years ago. I remember that you were really very strict. I don't even know where you went after then, since we were too small then. All I can remember... Continue Reading →

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