1 John 4:4 (Father Dinny)

"You, dear children, are from god and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world." Today is the most beautiful day, I've ever seen. Today I met Father Dinny. I kneeled down too and asked for his blessings. I talked to him for... Continue Reading →

Middle of the Night

A must!
You wouldn’t regret spending two minutes reading it.
He’s our future novelist.❤

Sulaiman Hafeez

In the middle of the night,
When I was already deep asleep,
I could feel something graze my thighs,
Something soft and delicate,
Being touched by something and I felt colder,
More exposed somehow,
Being held by someone in the dark while I couldn’t still comprehend this feeling,
It’s both warm and cool at the same time,
This wonderful sensation,
It runs along my entire being,
And then it enveloped me completely, covered me in little kisses all over that were so wet and sloppy,
Her tongue swirling around, she only increased intensity when she felt me stirring.

When I opened my eyes slowly, still in a daze,
I looked down at her in confusion,
The blanket was thrown aside on her side of the bed,
And she was looking directly at me, a lustful expression on her face,
Her blinking eyelashes,
Talking to me with just her azure eyes,

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Sunday Evenings

I didn't tell you that I was taking my preboards(exams) lately since....I myself don't know why.😆😂😂 Well, so today I went for jogging after a month I guess. I used to jog everyday but these preboards messed my routine.😭😭 Anyway I am now left with boards (typical indian exams scheduled to tourcher the soul out... Continue Reading →

Thy taste

I salivate at the thought of it. Your appetizing taste. Emotions sublime, This paralysing euphoria. I feel your lips pressed against mine. The taste rushing through my veins. Thy kiss, Sending shivers down my spine. Lips part then meet, and then again, It's intoxicating. Your juicy tongue slipping again mine, Thy succulent lips pressed against... Continue Reading →


The walls of my mind are painted thick grey. It's all so gloomy. No body seems to be this way. I am not able to just drag myself out of this pit, I'm trapped in. My plans are turning dust, They're turning into a fiasco. My mind no more seems to be functional. I feel... Continue Reading →

Sombre days

With the cars honking at their loudest, I can see flowers drooping and folding into buds. The sun has already hid behind the horizon and the last purple hues have been overpowered by the azul. It is stormy. Even as the traffic is rushing, I can see cars hiding behind one another, honking at their... Continue Reading →

2018- A history!

Life is too short to just live through, Love what you do and do what you love, before it's too late. Leave the ones who hate you, move forward. Love the ones who care for you. Don't simply waste time in improving the old. Build new, you have enough time. Start again. Know it, what... Continue Reading →

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