My India

You might be aware of the tussle between India and Pakistan. I've never in my two years of blogging taken up a political issue (though I am damn fan of politics and news) but this time I couldn't stop myself. India has never attacked. She only defenced. Even at the time of Britishers, India never... Continue Reading →


I couldn't trust my mind And so to prevent a memory lapse, I captured you in a video. Trust issues. I couldn't trust you, And so I put derringer at you head. To cage you, To let you not slip away. I couldn't trust myself, And so I slit myself open, Apart, Bleeding profusely. My... Continue Reading →

Our journey..

Crying to leave the parents behind, for school we ended up making such friends that now it seems hard to leave behind them for going home. It seems grey. It sounds dull. I feel dumb to hear that we are already the alumni of the school. Just a few days back it was we shouting... Continue Reading →

And here it all ends…

And here it all ends. The end has approached. The end of my school life, my school days and the fun we did in the corridors and classrooms. We've already bid a goodbye to our honourable Sister principle and lovely teachers. Roj uthna hota tha at 5:00 to be exact aur pata hota tha Ki... Continue Reading →

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