And here it all ends…

And here it all ends.
The end has approached.
The end of my school life, my school days and the fun we did in the corridors and classrooms.
We’ve already bid a goodbye to our honourable Sister principle and lovely teachers.

Roj uthna hota tha at 5:00 to be exact aur pata hota tha Ki school jaana hai par ab nayi.
Bina kuchh soche samjhe I used to get ready but not now.
Ab school nahi. Teachers were comming to our class and blessing us, telling us that we are no more in their safe hands but free to move and experience this world. They said that they’ve moulded us for 12 years and now we are ready to take the name of our school with us as we move out of this institution.
It was hard to part ways but we did for we were strong and that’s what school has taught us to be.

It was hard to leave the classroom but we did because our teachers consoled us.

It was hard to know that we were sharing Aishu’s dosa for the last time,Β  eating Bhanu’s sandwich for the last time, enjoying Jaisika’s sweets for the last time, seeing Trishnoor falling for the last time or hearing to everybody’s jokes for the last time.

Yes, it is hard to be this way, to leave school.

We cried and washed our face at school taps for the last time. Hugged the teachers, clicked selfies, met sister principle and finally left this school premises for ever and ever as class X-B

We might be back someday but never as a class. Maybe as alumni or ex fatimans.😭

Well voveron I hope you remember me for ever. And yes Bhanu do forgive me for all the naughtiness. Do remember we were together for 12 years for a mission and it’s already over and so we parted our ways.


I will make friends, make new friends but never like my X-B classmates so don’t worry.πŸ˜‚

Goodbye yaaron.

Yaad rakhna!

Today was my last day at the school. We’ve collected memories to cherish. Love you all my tentheies. Love you fatimans.


29 thoughts on “And here it all ends…

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    1. So from Sheruuuuu I guess it is Voveron. If it is then that’s the biggest ever surprize you’ve given me. And if I mistook any other blogger to be bobby then my apologies.πŸ˜‚
      (Mainu pate tu hi hain.)πŸ˜‚


  1. All the bloggers are requested that my friend shreya who writes so beautifully that i am unable to Express my feelings about it , pls help her out in all her problems, pains never let her feel alone , never break her trust, because she is the most flexible person i have met in all these 12 years u does not act fakely to impress someone , if u see her laughing u will have crush on her , if u will talk to her u will get the most positive vibes.
    Please be with her always, support her
    I will miss u and luv u

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    1. You need to behave, babe.πŸ˜‚
      This is my BLOG and not WhatsApp. You know we have an app called WhatsApp for all these things.πŸ˜‚ And aren’t you there to help me? πŸ˜‚
      Love you so much. Love you. Love u.
      (Don’t mess up here)πŸ˜‚


  2. I have to because I know how much u use ur WhatsApp. U don’t even know about what is happening in school group or if someone has texted you till we tell you in the school next day and u go back home and check it.
    I can assure u that jo hamari video maine kal group main bheji thi wo tune abhi tak nhi dekhi aur yeh message padh ke tu phata phat dekhegi

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  3. Shrey…I don’t have anything to say..!! We’ll meet super soon and I’ll bring sandwiches for u..
    And don’t ask for forgiveness…. remember I love u..and always will…and mujhe yaad rakhna…I miss youπŸ’”πŸ’”

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    1. So this is Bhanu. Right?
      Ye hi kya raha hai? How are you people able to comment? You don’t have blogs right?πŸ˜‚
      Love u. This is the best surprize you people r giving me by commenting here cause I could never think this would happen.
      Meet u soon, Babe.πŸ’ πŸ’•πŸ˜’

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  4. I love the picture, especially the colorful clothing that you guys were wearing, it’s called saris right? 😊

    12 years, that is such a long time. So are you going to high school now, Shreya? Can you explain to me a bit about the India education system? In Vietnam, we have kindergarten (from age 3 to 5), elementary (grade 1 to 5), middle school (grade 6 to 9) and high school (10 to 12). We go to university at 18. How does it work in India and how come you have spent so many years at just one school, I’m a little confused here. πŸ˜†

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    1. Oh well in India it starts a bit early.
      Like 2-3 (kindergarten), 3-5(nursery), 5-10(middle school), 10-15(secondary middle school like from standard sixth to tenth), 15-17(high school of two years) and then 18 onwards university .
      So basically except for kindergarten and high school, I did all my education from one school so that makes 12 years.
      Thank you for reading, Tam.

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  5. I am in 12th class. Our school has 11th and 12th classes too after 10th so I decided to continue there. But I tell you one thing class 10 was love. One of our teachers named our section ‘kinetics’ because we were X-K. 12th class we are closer. There are 250 students so we all know each other well. In class 10 it was 550 in the whole school. But because of frequent section changes, students changed after every exam so it didn’t give much time to deepen the friendship. I still remember class X. The first exam was Hindi. So when the students who had Hindi as 2nd language came from exam the first question was if the rooms had enough fans cause we went to a different school. So much fun in X. Somehow in XII we were too much absorbed with our work plus somehow children more often bunked classes….I just didn’t get that feeling. Anyways all the best for your board exams.

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    1. That’s so very sweet. And a lovely comment. I guess we enjoy the most till tenth standard. No worries of choosing a carrier or anything. Everyone studies the same and do all kinds of silliness.
      Best of luck to you too for your twelfth boards .

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  6. Wow Shreya, this post was so emotional, I have no words to say….Keep growing and keep loving but never change…be just the way you are. I am taking a wild guess, that you are the girl, who is standing all decked up in that mustard yellow saree in the extreme right side… am I right?

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