Silencing the cries and spending the daylight hours in an ill-lit place,
Her heart was turning subfusc with every passing day.
Realising that raining tears couldn’t help and telling people made it worse.
Even though she was surrounded with innumerable people around,
Yet she was getting drenched in the murky darkness that engulfed her heart.
All she could do, was to wait for everything to get alright with time, just the way they said.

Jetting blood from her soul that was stabbed, she looked for some ice, unaware that the stab wasn’t in her body but in her very soul.
Intimidated of the on goings in her life, she felt small.
Nasty, foul-mouthed old evil was her new way of identifying herself in the mirror.
Dreary round of eating and trying to sleep, was her new routine.
AimlesslyΒ  lying in the shadow of the demons of her past,
Light drizzle of love could only calm away her agony of betrayal now.

19 thoughts on “Caliginous

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  1. This is very well written, Shrey. Good job.
    Although, maybe next time try to limit a sentence to one line each, you know? So that your hidden message is more visible and harder to miss.
    But apart from that, you did great. Are you alright though? Hope this was just fiction?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, don’t worry about it. 9/10 times people don’t get the hidden meaning. You’d be surprised at the number of hidden meanings people didn’t get behind a few of my posts haha. You leave those meanings behind for you. Hoping that the reader never finds them out 😜.

        Liked by 1 person

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