Crestfallen (cleave poem)

Empty headed and crestfallen: I’m a forlorn figure.

All I have to do is to weep: Smile is a foreign concept for me.

Flabbergasted by the level of selfishness that engulfs everyone: I’ve by now taught myself, that my mind doesn’t work smart.

I feel myself a dumb, bumbling fool: I feel blindfolded by the smoke of selfishness that prevails in the air today.

My ideas sound stupid to them: They say, I’m a moron.

I grow more and more despondent day by day: They try to douse the fire within me every time I try something to come up to their level.

Now black doesn’t seem dark enough to camouflage my mind filled with the darkest of the thoughts: Eventually I’m left exposed to be laughed upon.

Cleave poem:- If you read the left and right sides individually, they make sense, and if you read it left to right (ignoring the colon in the middle), it also makes sense. It is, essentially, three poems in one.


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