Behind the dead walls of my mind, Amidst eerie silence, surrounding, Amidst gloom, With a meek voice, My body is pleading, Peace.


It was 3:00 in the morning. I was just scrolling through feeds like any normal day. With my eyes, half shut, I kept on scrolling and listing to the songs. Suddenly I came across a post. It said that you're no more. I couldn't believe. I went back to sleep thinking I was still not... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I have a friend who's the kind of 'me' person. You know I love anyone who loves comedy and my this friend is a comedian. We had been studying in the same school and in same class for 12 long years. We also shared the same coaching class. She is my only friend... Continue Reading →


With my head dropped towards my feet, I'm lumbering past the trees. With this dizzy head, I can barely notice the rush of waves Even though I try to, I can't run away from my problematic life. These issues extirpate me. Even beside this sea, I can't let go of the troubles. With every passing... Continue Reading →


The pain is too much to bear. With a heavy heart And a, Dull mind My soul is slowly starting to decay. Turning my body, into a heap Of Debris.


Hey guys, I am Shreya from liveoutcrazy. Today, while I was reading the posts in my reader I noticed that I was not able to comment. I typed the comment on two-three posts┬ábut for some reason, the send button got disappeared. I read poems from Anamika, Ravindra, Megha and Aquib and some blogs from Oneta,... Continue Reading →

Lonely rider #3

I generally pen down the most unique experience of my daily life in the 'lonely rider' series. So I was working on a draft from yesterday evening, left it midway and slept, woke up next day and went for my morning class that is from 7:10 am to 8:15 am. I thought that after coming... Continue Reading →

Limitless (LGBTQ)

I savoured your cigarette tinted kisses: The good old days. Our silhouette making dancing shadows on the wall: Old attached hearts. Your fragrance still tickling my nose: Our living relationship. We could have still been together: This world sucks. They parted us for their religion: Our relation wasn't natural, to them. We were humans and... Continue Reading →

My 2 years of WordPress..

My two years of WordPress (Summary) I miss all my WordPress connections. I remember being super active on my blog. But after I moved to high school, I got busy with the studies plus since I changed the school so it took me time to get used to the curriculum. I used to read almost... Continue Reading →

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