I’m Back!

An unanticipatedly long hiatus, I must say.

I am writing this post after almost an year long break and I’m really happy now. I took this break because I had my entrance exams and pre-boards. I will now be entering college in a month or maybe by late August itself.

Results have come of all the exams I took and so I am finally free. I’ll be pursuing law for the next 5 years. It was my dream to pursue Law.

As of the results, I scored 96% in 12th grade and I’m happy for that.

I’m elated to be finally back to the blogging world. I’ll try to write a piece or so every week and publish it.

My blog is about to be 5 years old and I can not just imagine it’s 5 years already.

I hope to be regular from now.




(I wanted to slant the last three words but I just couldn’t because this WordPress seems to have changed its interface.)

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