Dream Path

Hi Guys!

I am incredibly happy today. I have got the University I had been longing for and I will be pursuing the degree I wanted to, for the nest 5 years.

I am thinking to start quite a few new things now. I used to do some of them earlier, like before my high school but got disconnected due to the studies so I’ll be catching up on them and some things would be totally new that I’ll start learning.

A new thing that I am going to start is Vlogging. I did make videos for YouTube earlier too, but I left making them after putting some videos because of the academics but it gets a bit light in college so I will be doing it sincerely now.

This blog will now be used like more of a diary since I think I have lost the power to write poems and haikus, I earlier had. I will try to write and publish a piece or two.

Thank you so much.




14 thoughts on “Dream Path

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  1. Hey, Shreya. I’ve missed you. Nice to see you left me a couple of likes today. I guess you are not back to writing, or to challenges, but thanks for peeking in on me. Hope this Resurrection Day has been good for you.

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    1. Hey Oneta! Its so good to see you here.
      Yes, I am not back to writing yet, but I do read some of my favourite bloggers whenever I get some free time.
      Hope that your are in good health. Take care.

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