The sun rose from the waters of malice, These waters drown the whole universe. By the beach, I laid. Even though the sun rose from the ocean of hatred, It was as bright as the hallowed head of the god. While rising above these waters and coming out of the worldly bad, I could see... Continue Reading →


Even amidst the rains, My heart is burning with the agony of betrayal. The surface of my heart is still dry, parched.

Limitless (LGBTQ)

I savoured your cigarette tinted kisses: The good old days. Our silhouette making dancing shadows on the wall: Old attached hearts. Your fragrance still tickling my nose: Our living relationship. We could have still been together: This world sucks. They parted us for their religion: Our relation wasn't natural, to them. We were humans and... Continue Reading →

Crestfallen (cleave poem)

Empty headed and crestfallen: I'm a forlorn figure. All I have to do is to weep: Smile is a foreign concept for me. Flabbergasted by the level of selfishness that engulfs everyone: I've by now taught myself, that my mind doesn't work smart. I feel myself a dumb, bumbling fool: I feel blindfolded by the... Continue Reading →

Indefinite wish

If I were your cigarette, I wouldn't be longing for your kisses anymore. You'd everytime find a way to put me to your lips yourself rather. You'd be finding a reason for me then. If I were a football match, With Barcelona over Juventus, I wouldn't long for you to see me. You'd be the... Continue Reading →

Graph paper

I am contented that we met. I know you feel the same for me or is what I assume to, maybe? You form your complete self, Just the way lines and cuts form a sheet of graph. Slender and my epitome of elegance, You are a silent being. We'll accommodate ourselves in that little block... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Life

One brief spring, Musical with the song of robin and mocking-bird. One summer rich in fruits and roses, One autumn of gold and crimson. A chilly winter, stabbing my body with icy winds, Accompanied with the worst nights of my life, Those insomniac nights. Stargazing was the best timekiller. Darkness promised me, to be by... Continue Reading →

Ek imtihaan (Hindi poetry)

Chahne se hi Milne lagta sab, toh gam kis baat ka hota phir. Mangna padha hai janaab aur bas yahi ek imtihaan sa lagta hai. Hasne se khushi milne lagti, toh gam kisko hota phir, Dil kholke ke hasna hi ek imtihaan sa lagta hai. Ladne se yadi jeet milne lagti, toh gam Kis baat... Continue Reading →

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