The day is bright, And the sun has risen, From the darkness of the doleful past. The eerie aura, Seems to demure away, From bright light and jocundity. Merriment seems to be hegemonic, With no trace of chilling silence, that once engulfed my mind. It's infectious, It's beatific, It's a state of mind.    ... Continue Reading →

Colours of life

The white clouds above lay scattered on the canvas-like-sky. The orange ribbons melting into the horizon making it vibrant. The blood stained west is an additional and mandatory spash of colour. Under the veil of the sky are the people turning green with envy, With some turning grey and dull in the gloom and weltschmerz.... Continue Reading →


Not even wanting to, I'm attracted to all the gloom and cynicism, I suddenly feel myself engulfed by the deep, mystifying truths of life. Are these even truths or mere hallucinations? Or maybe, I'm just ran into a bout of Maudlin weariness? Not being able to understand even the simplest facts, I feel baffled by... Continue Reading →


When you don't have people to talk to, Your gregariousness doesn't count. You'll anyway have to live in solitude. The problems you have don't count, when you don't have people to talk to, You'll have to bear them single-handedly. And shroud yourself in gloom, and still be happy. That's how this world works, pal. They'll... Continue Reading →

Just another wound

You are scared of getting hurt, until you've not got hurt, yet. But, once you get hurt, you cry your heart out, you realize that it is not death but just another phase, And so you are no more scared of getting hurt again. You get used to it, And then it becomes, Just another... Continue Reading →

Make love

Love is like wine, It makes you feel lost. It casts a spell on you. Until the next morning, That you come out of the bed. Just like the hard drink does, Like the wine.


He took away, The vibrance of my life. The colour of my world, The stars from the night sky, And dried up the life from my body. Leaving me, Dull, Sombre.

I miss you

I don't show But I do miss you badly. Posting this piece on my blog after some days of it being in my memo. I know you sometimes read my blog (I guess only when I ask (force) you to😂). Earlier when I wanted to tell you something, I used to rush to your room.... Continue Reading →


Behind the dead walls of my mind, Amidst eerie silence, surrounding, Amidst gloom, With a meek voice, My body is pleading, Peace.

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