Laying aimlessly on the bed, With my eyes wide open, fixed at the wall, This grey, cemented wall is seductive, perhaps? Or perhaps my eyes don't wish to wander? Throat half slit, bleeding profusely, The sheet stained, Memories are running through my eyes in a hurry, With everything set back in a blurred vision. I... Continue Reading →

Lonely Angel…

Happiness is something I can never own. But now I'm feeling okay, since I've been living miserably everyday. I have a feeling like I've a knife cluched deep in my heart, that I can't get rid of. No matter how much I struggle. I feel like giving up, Because everyday is the same. Exhausting, Painful,... Continue Reading →

Letter to him….

Wait, What else do you want out of me? I have already given you every thing, I ever owned. No, Don't talk about what I gave you, Just let me know, what I was not able to give you because, actually I tried my best. I was never the person you thought me to be,... Continue Reading →

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