Laying aimlessly on the bed, With my eyes wide open, fixed at the wall, This grey, cemented wall is seductive, perhaps? Or perhaps my eyes don't wish to wander? Throat half slit, bleeding profusely, The sheet stained, Memories are running through my eyes in a hurry, With everything set back in a blurred vision. I... Continue Reading →


As the last yellow ribbons of sun melted over the horizon, It felt cold. I could see a thread line separating the two skies, slowly dissolving. I feel totally incomplete today, when you've already left me, for the stars. They were seductive, perhaps? So much, that they snatched you away from me. Now a days... Continue Reading →

The End!

Hey, What's it? The pen, why is it not working? Am I all done with my life? Is it , where my life was meant to be dragged till? Is it the destination? Have I conquered life or am I left defeated? But how does that even matter, I can anyway rest for a while... Continue Reading →

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