The sun goes down, And the moon rises high above even on the darkest night. Less privileged, stars too rise from oceans of dark waters. When will I rise? I'm like the sand in the ocean that holds debris and rests at the ocean bed, though not wanting to. Debris of her own fears perhaps?... Continue Reading →


You know it's getting even harder to live here. I don't have a reason to bear this harsh reality. These days, the Sun seems to run and hide away behind the clouds in the afternoon only. No one can even lend an ear to my sorrowful, hopeless life. Why will they, anyways? They say it... Continue Reading →


A relaxed ambience of the mocktail longue, A soul with mixed emotions, A ring just beside the champagne bottle. Shining and glistening, Just as much as the ring did in the glass holder. Here it all started. Sitting and waiting for a dance partner, You landed on the chair just in front of mine. Silence... Continue Reading →

Scarlet lips

Oh she seems out of sight now. Where's she gone. The life took a turn and so she too folded in, with that turn. Am I alone now? Or perhaps I'm lonely? Learn the difference. Don't you see these red eyes which were once hazel green? Or maybe, you don't want to. Anyways I must... Continue Reading →

Until then..

Days by days are passing and its getting even harder for me. I feel like depression is slowly, swallowing me up. No one's aware of what I'm going through, And no one has ever experienced what I'm experiencing every single day,  either. As I'm typing tears are tolling down my cheeks. If you try and... Continue Reading →

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