Diary #8 (Rains)

I haven't been enjoying word-press lately plus neither do I get enough time to write a poem or a short piece. I honestly have nothing written in my drafts. Haha But today something interesting happened. I have recently learned driving an activa( a two wheeler almost every Indian knows to drive*laughs*). It has been like... Continue Reading →

Diary#2 ( My shoe laces)

Okay so this can be added as an another open page of my dairy on the blog unlike others which I've marked private. I didn't really want to post this, as it might seem as silly as anything but seriously I was so relieved once I laced my shoes in a way which no one... Continue Reading →


Today is meant to be celebrated. Not everyday in my life is worth living, but yeah some days are much more than this. I guess god didn't evenly distribute happiness in my life. Haha This post I was thinking to make private, but since its my only space where I pen down my feelings, so... Continue Reading →

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