As the sun was drowning itself in the sea, And the sky was bleeding profusely, I could see her silhouette in the blood stained west. I could sense the rhythm of her very body. I could sense her breath on my face, just. I could even feel her petite waist, as I wrapped my hands... Continue Reading →

Odd observation (Abstract poetry)

The sky seems pretty much like an upside down ocean. Enveloping numerous cries from some part below this ocean. In some part here, it envelops frivolous and joyous shrills. We are perhaps water life living in it? When I look up to see thisĀ  ocean at large, I feel a water bird. Flying without wings.... Continue Reading →

Trip 2K18

This is different post. Neither a poetry nor an update. This a post about our recent school trip to Haryana, Northern India. We all assembled in school at 5:00am. While the teachers and nuns were performing mass, we were simply clicking selfies in the campus. After it was over we left for kurukshetra, Haryana. Then... Continue Reading →

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