As the sun was drowning itself in the sea, And the sky was bleeding profusely, I could see her silhouette in the blood stained west. I could sense the rhythm of her very body. I could sense her breath on my face, just. I could even feel her petite waist, as I wrapped my hands... Continue Reading →


Letter to him….

Wait, What else do you want out of me? I have already given you every thing, I ever owned. No, Don't talk about what I gave you, Just let me know, what I was not able to give you because, actually I tried my best. I was never the person you thought me to be,... Continue Reading →


She is a mosaic, Vivid colors, mixing to form a known pattern. The one, visualized once in a dream. Those bony fingers, attract my attention like anything. And these lucid lips, duress me to kiss. I feel those lips warm enough, to neutralise the cold within me. And her beauty enough; to fill the void... Continue Reading →


Whenever I was late returning back he was the one who would come running on the balcony just by sensing the tick sound of my heels. But now that balcony was no more occupied with the manly presence. And I am again reminded of those days when I would noisely pass through his hostel room ... Continue Reading →

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