Lustful glances

Eros harrows my heart, Wild winds whipping desolate mountains, Uprooting oaks. Eros drives me to transcend my love for you. To be bound to no limits. To let the sky seem open and pretty spacious to accommodate our desires. Let yourself free. Loose yourself into the moment just the way I'm into it. Don't unnecessarily... Continue Reading →



As I was standing at the pathway, near her house, A little while later, the lights of the room went out. A candle flickered behind, the frosted glass window. The window opened with a creaking sound. She poured wax from the lit candle, on to the ledge and fixed, two more candles and lit them.... Continue Reading →


She is a mosaic, Vivid colors, mixing to form a known pattern. The one, visualized once in a dream. Those bony fingers, attract my attention like anything. And these lucid lips, duress me to kiss. I feel those lips warm enough, to neutralise the cold within me. And her beauty enough; to fill the void... Continue Reading →

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