Graph paper

I am contented that we met. I know you feel the same for me or is what I assume to, maybe? You form your complete self, Just the way lines and cuts form a sheet of graph. Slender and my epitome of elegance, You are a silent being. We'll accommodate ourselves in that little block... Continue Reading →


As the last yellow ribbons of sun melted over the horizon, It felt cold. I could see a thread line separating the two skies, slowly dissolving. I feel totally incomplete today, when you've already left me, for the stars. They were seductive, perhaps? So much, that they snatched you away from me. Now a days... Continue Reading →

Pleasurable Anticipation

Come closer into me. Let me gently caress your skin. I hope I'm not getting too hard. Don't be coy, Open up yourself to me. Be transparent. It has already been quite a few months, staying together. Don't forcefully keep yourself mum. Share whatever you feel like. I'm anyway waiting for you to be open.... Continue Reading →


Leave a mark, Tell me I'm not dreaming. My chest says it all. With these bruises imprinted, this body welcomes you. Come, Trespassers are anyway welcomed. Take the ownership, of this fragile heart. These hickeys seem to fade, And the bruises seem to be dominating over my skin. It wasn't a dream, perhaps. These bruises... Continue Reading →

Roja (Red)

The love of rose till the petals fall apart Was like her love till she did depart. In a red sequin maxy, adorning this barren land There she stands still, Red it is. Everything fell dull, With a Grandiflorous adorning this night. Once, is when it blooms. So was she, Smiling, standing still and starinig.... Continue Reading →


As the sun was drowning itself in the sea, And the sky was bleeding profusely, I could see her silhouette in the blood stained west. I could sense the rhythm of her very body. I could sense her breath on my face, just. I could even feel her petite waist, as I wrapped my hands... Continue Reading →

Lustful glances

Eros harrows my heart, Wild winds whipping desolate mountains, Uprooting oaks. Eros drives me to transcend my love for you. To be bound to no limits. To let the sky seem open and pretty spacious to accommodate our desires. Let yourself free. Loose yourself into the moment just the way I'm into it. Don't unnecessarily... Continue Reading →


As I was standing at the pathway, near her house, A little while later, the lights of the room went out. A candle flickered behind, the frosted glass window. The window opened with a creaking sound. She poured wax from the lit candle, on to the ledge and fixed, two more candles and lit them.... Continue Reading →


She is a mosaic, Vivid colors, mixing to form a known pattern. The one, visualized once in a dream. Those bony fingers, attract my attention like anything. And these lucid lips, duress me to kiss. I feel those lips warm enough, to neutralise the cold within me. And her beauty enough; to fill the void... Continue Reading →

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