The sun rose from the waters of malice, These waters drown the whole universe. By the beach, I laid. Even though the sun rose from the ocean of hatred, It was as bright as the hallowed head of the god. While rising above these waters and coming out of the worldly bad, I could see... Continue Reading →

Hark- bark

As the moon shone brightly above, in the starry sky, A Selene aura envelops me. When everything is at peace, And even the ants can be seen resting, Then why is my mind still wandering in the lanes of your heart. Why am I feeling uncomfortable even in this serene twilight. What I'm feeling guilty... Continue Reading →


Today was an exhausting day. After a hard day of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, I seriously feel tired of everything. I want to sit free with a light music on background. I want to enjoy. And yeah, I won't able to enjoy hungry, so falafels are must. With a coke too, so I won't... Continue Reading →

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