Friend I lost (#Unsent letters)

To the friend I lost this year, Hello, It was after a very long time that I lost any of my friends. I lost one(though I cannot compare her with you since she was far better) but we didn't have any option. She had to move away for her higher studies. I never met her... Continue Reading →

Revenge ( Etheree)

For We trust To be betrayed To prove ourselves chump To  be  proved, the  weakest To let others  lowball our power For  our  rivals to  be fool us  easily To let not others realise the truth within For people to think  us of a mere  expectant And so we trust to be the one, cheated... Continue Reading →


This journey of thirst will get over, That, which seemed incomplete, will be completed, the sky has bowed, and the two worlds have met.. there are palanquins ready, there are fragrances everywhere. Aah! Sweven!

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