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If you aren't loosing friends, You aren't growing up. A new video is uploaded on my channel. Hit a like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you all for 90 subscribes. Love you  

Strange. Isn’t it?

I hope that your goodbye is a mere lie. As fake as your that smile, when we met each other. Don't you think that I miss our little talks? You were egomaniacal, perhaps? I'm not gonna be back on all the past stuff. I no more remember it, even. I'm not going to ask you... Continue Reading →


  We fought. I made my mind, that she is no more my friend. I decided to move on. I buried all our memories. It wasn't very easy to burry them. With a stone heart I took her as a stranger again. It was difficult though. And then suddenly, one day, I got a mail.... Continue Reading →

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