Crying doesn't seem to be a solution to this life anymore. I am wet to my bones, crying. I am shivering but that doesn't turn out to lessen my pain anyways. They say, the more you bear, the more you'll have to bear. But I don't have any option. Do I? I can't just go... Continue Reading →


The pale moon waneth night by night. Making me feel pretty much desperate for some lambent light. Ultimately leaving me alone. Now even the moon is drowning in the veil of darkness. Perhaps something brighter is awaiting? Or perhaps it'll be a dark moonless night. Even yin has a white spot. Then why not my... Continue Reading →


It feels solus when my eyes google, gazillion stars up there, in the night sky. You were selfish. because you left me for those stars. Were they too seductive? We used to graze them but now its only me. Yeah! It hurts. I want to taste you in his kiss. I want to feel you... Continue Reading →

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