2018- A history!

Life is too short to just live through, Love what you do and do what you love, before it's too late. Leave the ones who hate you, move forward. Love the ones who care for you. Don't simply waste time in improving the old. Build new, you have enough time. Start again. Know it, what... Continue Reading →

Anime Out…

Sketching manga!! I'm pretty much not too good at sketching human face so I better prefer Anime. Hahaa... These all Manga sketches are made by me with the background effect X-PRO-II. -x-x-  


From a little vine covered house, We moved to a large new one. And from the sacred mountain I heard a voice. The afternoon sun penetrated, the mass of honeysuckle, that covered the porch. My fingers lingered almost unconsciously on, the familiar leaves and blossoms, which had just come forth to greet the sweet northern... Continue Reading →

When heart speaks…..

The one which my life is searching, Is this that destination? Have I achieved his smile, his body 'n his soul? Why does my heart says to, Just stop here? I have got new emotions, I don’t know what effect is this, I got a ray of hope again, Is it because he is someone... Continue Reading →

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