Random clicks #1 (HOPE)

These random clicks include pics clicked by me. I always wanted to do photography but I didn't have a DSLR. And I was really wrong that good pics can only be clicked by a Nikon DSLR. So this is a pic clicked from my phone as I still don't have a camera yet.😂 The pics... Continue Reading →

Love: Game of cards…

I don't know, why loneliness has come to meet me again; At what turn has love brought me. Is my fight against myself, or against God Himself, At what turn has love brought me. Love is a game of cards, of breaking and building trust. Don't know why I think, that I am an empty... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Exhausted..

    Dear.. Mr. Exhausted So is the whim. Completely kaput. Exhausted being a friend. No one found to be a Dutchman, buttinski  or a clubhouse lawyer rather a falsifier. I wanted to pour down so started off with you. When everything went parsimonious I trusted you. Hope you'll keep with it. Today!! today the... Continue Reading →

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