I don't feel comfortable in this environment. Why don't you just leave. Memories are painful though they are already obliterated with cobwebs. They are old yet painful. Every time you message me, I feel guilty. Guilty of my innocence, perhaps? Your half presence is blocking my mind like a cobweb. And this fragile mind is already... Continue Reading →


Sitting all by my self, in a corner of this pretty spacious room, Lights gone out, With cigarette in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other, You once again managed to picture yourself in my mind. Is it normal? Is breakup a part of relationship? Your eyes are way too seductive. But... Continue Reading →

A dream…

Sitting on this chair on the balcony, I can see cars honking. People passing through me, Chilly winds stabbing my body. To avoid this busy, noisy honking area, I tugged in the earphones. Besides, the song in the ear phones was much more pleasing than, the continuous honks. The world is passing, unlike my still... Continue Reading →


It feels solus when my eyes google, gazillion stars up there, in the night sky. You were selfish. because you left me for those stars. Were they too seductive? We used to graze them but now its only me. Yeah! It hurts. I want to taste you in his kiss. I want to feel you... Continue Reading →


While leaving the school today, He just screamed out, that he loved me. I joked around. I told him, that I already knew and laughed again. I laughed and we moved together, for some time and then walked our way to our houses. He told me to come to his terrace once I'm done, with... Continue Reading →

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